Ultimate Load Contest

The Ultimate Load Contest is organized annually at the Chair of Applied Mechanics, University of Erlangen Nuremberg.

The goal of this contest is to give students a practical experience in solving optimization problems in applied mechanics. The task for each group of students is to build a predefined structure with optimal strength. Each group is supplied with building material and is granted access to the chair's workshop for some weeks before the contest. The structure itself is supported at three defined points and should not exceed a mass of 2 kg. At the contest each structure will be loaded until collapse in order to find its maximum loading capacity.

Ultimate Load Contest (german page)

Besides being an exciting supplement to a student curriculum, the Ultimate Load Contest deepens and enhances the theoretical part of education in Applied Mechanics by giving it a demonstrative dimension. Many students benefit e.g. from a better comprehension of the section moduli, arising torsion and three dimensional perception. The increasing numbers of spectators and participants encourages the Chair of Applied Mechanics to intensify the work in this direction.