• Rotational Rheometer MCR 502
    Manufacturer: Anton Paar
    Accessories: Magneto-Rheological Device (MRD 170/1T)
    Technical Data: (MCR 502)
    Torque range (oscillation): 2 nNm to 230 mNm
    Frequency range: 10-7 to 628 rad/s
    Normal force range: 0.005 to 50 N

    Technical Data: (MRD 170/1T)
    Temperature range: -10° C to 170° C
    Maximum magnetic flux density: 1 T

  • Rheometer

  • Vacuum Heating and Drying Oven: Vacutherm VT 6060 M
    Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
    Technical Data:
    Temperature range: RT to 200° C

  • Vacuum oven

  • Precision Balance: XA503S
    Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
    Technical Data:
    Maximum capacity: 510 g
    Readability: 1 mg

  • Precision Balance

  • Vacuum Pump: Rotary Vane Pump RV 3
    Manufacturer: Edwards
    Technical Data:
    Ultimate pressure: 2.0 x 10-3 mbar
    Displacement: 3.7 m 3/h

  • Vacuum Pump

  • Tensile testing machine (single spindle) inspect S 5kN
    Manufacturer: Hegewald & Peschke
    Technical Data:
    Two load cells (5 kN and 50 N)
    Temperature control chamber
    Video extensometer (two cameras)

  • Tensile testing machine (single spindle